Violence stalls aid going into war-torn Sudan; Christian radio still brings hope.

By October 18, 2004

Sudan (MNN)–Humanitarian aid is being scaled back in Darfur. That’s due to growing violence after 20 months of rebellion.

The humanitarian crisis will most likely increase. Darfur one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, and puts the death toll at up to 50,000 from violence, hunger and disease.

Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung says, “There has been regrettably, an apparent increase in the tensions, and in some cases, violence between these southern Sudanese groups among themselves.”

DeYoung says two decades of civil war has killed two million people and devastated southern Sudan. A much-touted peace accord seems to have been forgotten.
“It seems as if there have been incidents of tensions between people who profess to be Christians. So we pray that that trend will not continue and that the peace that might come and bring some stability and development to the infrastructure in southern Sudan might be something that people can celebrate.”

DeYoung says their staff continues to broadcast the hope of the Gospel to the Sudanese. They recently relocated a solar studio to be closer to the refugees.

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