Visa vexation hinders ministry

By July 5, 2013
Photo courtesy of John Barker/Flickr.

Photo courtesy of John Barker/Flickr.

Rwanda (MNN) — A missionary couple in Rwanda have been forced to put ministry on hold.

Government authorities recently found a problem with the visas of Africa Inland Mission’s (AIM) Chris and Fiona Tyrrell.

Before they encountered visa issues, Chris and Fiona were reaching out to a marginalized people group in Rwanda with the Gospel. They had started chronological Bible storytelling, teaching ESL, and setting up a demonstration garden.

Until the visa requirements are met, Chris and Fiona are restricted from doing any ‘work’ in Rwanda.

It’s no secret that Rwanda has a history saturated with the blood of ethnic conflict. The Rwandan genocide in 1994 saw the death of 800,000 people over 100 days. Most of them were Tutsis.

Today, the Hutus and Tutsis are marginalized in various ways by each other depending on who’s in the minority.

Ministry to marginalized people in Rwanda is critical for true healing to come in Christ. But that won’t happen for Chris and Fiona’s ministry until the government approves their visa issues.

Pray for the Chris and Fiona’s visa trouble to resolve quickly and for evangelism to continue with marginalized people in Rwanda. Pray for many in Rwanda to come to Christ for peace.

AIM exists to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the 900 people groups in Africa who have never heard His name. Their ministries include medical outreach, church planting, evangelism, education, and logistical work.

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