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By February 19, 2013

USA (MNN) — Have you ever tried to teach someone English? It's not as easy as you might think. Cornerstone University (CU) is hosting its 12th annual English as a second language (ESL) conference April 6, 2013 to help "both the novice and the experienced teacher," according to Michael Pasquale of CU.

Churches have been using ESL programs to reach out to more people in their communities. Very often, however, church-based ESL programs don't have professional teachers, says Pasquale. "So what we are trying to do for this year is to equip lay teachers to teach structures of English."

That's why Cornerstone University is bringing in Dr. Nancy Ackles, who has taught intensive language programs for over 25 years. Attendees will get the chance to learn under Ackles, who is President of the Christian English Language Educators Association and author of "The Grammar Guide" from University of Michigan Press.

The theme for the ESL conference is "Getting a Grip on Grammar" and will focus on new ways of teaching English grammar to students. The conference will take place April 6 from 9am-3pm at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI. "We'll be together a couple times in the morning and afternoon with Dr. Ackles as we hear about strategies to teach English, but then we have some smaller breakout sessions," Pasquale explains.

Some of the sessions include: How to start an ESL ministry at your church, different games in classrooms, as well as local refugee agencies talking about some services they offer to churches that run ESL programs.

"This is helping equip churches not only to start it [ESL program]," Pasqual says, "but to continue on and to develop it with excellence over the years."

Pray that the conference will help ESL programs go from GOOD to GREAT. Ask God to use ESL programs to reach people for Christ.

You can register to be a part of this conference by clicking here. Early registration is $50 if you sign up before March 22. Are you a student? Then you can enjoy the conference for only $30.00.

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