Want to work at a summer camp in Lebanon?

By January 2, 2024

Lebanon (MNN) — Sick of winter already? Why not start planning for the summer?

Plenty of people will spend their summer serving at camps, but Triumphant Mercy Lebanon is looking for volunteers adventurous enough to serve at a summer camp in Lebanon. It’s not a long-term commitment, but it does mean going overseas to use your specific talents and skills to enrich the lives of campers.

Nuna of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says the emphasis is on specific skills. They’ve had volunteers teach carpentry, sports, art, music, theater, and even knitting. The camp is flexible – they’re just looking for eager hearts and hands willing to teach. Even if you don’t have any particular skills you want to share, willing helpers can still find a place to make a difference.

Of course, it’s about more than just giving locals the chance to learn a few new skills – this is about showing families what it means to live like Jesus. “We want to create an image that this camp, these people, and this ministry is really a testimony of Christ, so we’re looking for people who are believers, who are ethically good, and who […] have a servant’s heart,” Nuna says. “It’s not just an entertainment camp. It’s not like a church camp. It’s more like an evangelistic camp.”

Volunteers will be able to both show campers what Jesus looks like and tell them His story. We have Bible stories we have for the unbelievers, [especially] the Muslim. We talk about the Prophet story just to get to Jesus of life.”

Triumphant Mercy Lebanon runs two camps – one in Beirut and one in Bekaa. Both are looking for volunteers to fill out their rosters. Camp lasts between four and six weeks.

If any of this strikes a chord in your heart, you can fill out an application right here. If you’re still not sure or aren’t able to make the trip overseas, pray.

“We really need wisdom on how to do things,” Nuna says. “We need open hearts to receive the gospel, to receive everything we’re trying to just plant into these small hearts and these families.

“It is an evangelistic opportunity, and we really need to pray for the right people.”



Header photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon

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