Wanted: Bible translators

By February 21, 2020

United States – Believers around the world are longing for Scripture in their mother languages. Could you be one of the people who makes that possible?

Bible translation powerhouse Wycliffe USA is searching for believers called to bring Scripture to their brothers and sisters in Christ.

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(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA)

The organization is pushing to start translation initiatives for every language in need by 2025. By 2033, the goal is access for all of the world’s population. Currently, 3,384 languages have some Scripture translated and 698 of them have complete Bibles. Learn more here.

Ambitious goals require an ambitious team of dedicated believers from all walks of life.

“God is looking for people who are flexible and adaptable… Those are people that would be a good fit for these roles,” says Daysi Russell of Wycliffe USA.

The roles are well suited for the cross-culturally savvy and lifelong learner.

Are My Skills Needed?

Global Bible translations require more than translators. In fact, the local church communities complete much of the translation work. Instead, Wyliffe USA requires translation consultants and advisors, technology, management, literacy, and communications to support the native-speaking translators. Believers from any background can be part of the translation process and make an impact.

Technology has reinvented Bible translation and accelerated the process. The first 500 translations took 67 years to complete. It took 17 years to repeat that feat and translate another 500. Today, the vital Information Technology team members support translation team field

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(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA)

equipment and create apps to expand scripture access.

Bible translation is a process and sometimes a dangerous one. Office management and administrators keep translation work moving forward one day at a time. These roles include human resources and project management and mobilize the translation teams.

Wycliffe is also in need of educators. Some of the communities working on translation don’t widely use a writing system. Communities who want to read scripture need literary education. This would include training local leaders among the native speaking population to educate their neighbors, churches, and community, Russell says.

Finally, Wycliffe is looking for communicators to tell the stories of the work being done. Keeping the translation snowball moving requires global involvement. Good communication keeps the many parties engaged and up to date on the result of their efforts.

Do I Have What it Takes?

While joining a translation team doesn’t require moving across the world it does require a particular state of mind. Ideal candidates should be spiritually mature and seek God’s direction in their work. Team members need to be open to learning new ways of doing things, Russell says. Finally, flexibility is key, as it is common to work with many different language groups.

How do I get Involved?

Currently, there is great need working with Papua New Guinea, Asia, Cameroon, and Chad. To learn more about needed positions visit Wycliffe USA on LinkedIn or email here. A missions coach will connect with anyone who is interested and can answer any questions, Russell says.

Team members are responsible for raising their own ministry support for their work but Wycliffe USA provides a wide range of partnership development tools and training.

How to Pray

Believers not called to translation ministry can aid in prayer. Ask for wisdom among those considering stepping into ministry. Pray for wisdom and safety among communities translating scripture.



Photo courtesy of Devin Avery via Unsplash.

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