War-weary Syrians to unite in prayer

By May 1, 2013

Syria (ODM) — On Saturday May 11, 2013 churches ALL OVER SYRIA will unite in one heart before the Father in many places around the war-torn nation. They are meeting in their churches, homes, and gathering places to send their cries to God. This will be an extraordinary show of unity of Christian denominations in Syria where the on-going civil war has claimed over 70,000 lives.

"As Christians in Syria continue to suffer from the devastating effects of the two-year-old civil war including killings, kidnappings, homelessness, lack of food and shelter, and closing of schools, they are also seeing that God's hand is at work as all denominations are joining in passionate prayer," says Open Doors USA interim President/CEO Steve Ridgway. "Christians in Syria know only Jesus can bring redemption and true peace.

"I urge you to take time on May 11 to pray with Syrian believers and for the country of Syria. Also encourage prayer in your churches on May 12. Let's stand together as one in Christ."

Open Doors received a letter from leaders coordinating The Day of Prayer for Syria. In part, it reads:

"As you may know, the Christian church in Syria is experiencing a deep humanitarian crisis that is leading to the rapid loss of hope. In the face of violence and persecution, our brothers and sisters are striving to keep their eyes on the Lord and seeking His face in their country. Even in pain, suffering, and death, God is using the church to accomplish His plan.

On Saturday, May 11, Christians from different denominations such as Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant/Evangelical are joining together in prayer and fasting to plead before the Lord for His mercy on Syria and an end to the violence. Due to the dangers of traveling in combat zones, Christians will be limited to local meetings planned all across Syria during this day. These groups will be meeting in homes, arenas and churches. Christians across Syria have asked that you join them in prayer on May 11.

Thank you for standing in the gap on behalf of the Syrian people and reflecting the love of Christ in your acts of worship."

In Damascus, some of the churches will meet in an arena, but there will be prayer in several suburbs of the city. The entire Christian community in Aleppo and the surrounding area is gathering to pray. "This is a huge undertaking as it–a day of prayer with almost all denominations participating–has never happened in Syria before," said a Syrian church leader.

Syrian Christians are asking their brothers and sisters around the world
to pray and fast with them on the Day of Prayer for Syria on May 11. You can also help your brothers and sisters in Christ by spreading the word to your church leaders.

On the ground in Syria, Open Doors, working with church partners, is helping facilitate food supplies, personal hygiene products, medical assistance/medicines, and financial support by paying the rent of apartments for temporary shelter for the homeless. The Displaced Peoples Project also is targeting other countries. Worldwide, thousands of Christians are being forced to leave their original family homes and villages due to persecution and ravages of war.

Click here for more information, a list of specific prayer requests, and to make a
pledge to pray for Syria.


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