Water crisis in Turkiye’s quake-hit areas

By June 15, 2023

Turkiye (MNN) — The Turkish government restarted payment collections on May 31 for water and electricity supply in earthquake-hit areas. The state is also demanding back payment from the last four months since the 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck on February 6.

On top of that, much of the water is still contaminated in quake-affected townships. Summertime is presenting new challenges for quake survivors living in temporary shelters, and dehydration is a concern.

Bruce Allen with FMI says, “As we move from the winter months now to getting warmer temperatures, a big deal is water for the people. So there are daily rations of water going out to the people and they will stand in line for hours to get their gallons of water for the day. So the water distribution is still a critical need.”


(Photo courtesy of FMI)

FMI supports churches in Turkiye providing relief. They’re helping quake survivors get into longer-term hard-frame shelters, and continue to distribute food and clean water.

Over 95% of Turkiye follows Islam. Yet, as they receive aid from Turkish believers, Muslims are asking about the Church and ultimately getting to know Jesus Christ.

New believers have even started Bible studies. “One partner said, ‘Our Bible study group is doing well. New brothers and sisters are growing spiritually. They have more boldness now and they are becoming equipped to share the Gospel,'” shares Allen.

You can support FMI’s Gospel and relief ministry in Turkiye here!

Allen says donated funds go towards “construction materials for these hard-frame small shelters, the food that is still needed, [and] the water. This sort of gift goes a long way.”

Meanwhile, pray for efforts to repair and restore communities affected by the earthquake. Ask God to be the sustainer and provider. Pray for Muslim hearts across Turkiye to embrace comfort found in Scripture.








Header photo courtesy of FMI.