Water helps crowded Haiti city cope

By March 15, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — While not all of Haiti was directly affected by the damaging earthquake, many cities and villages are feeling trickle-down effects of it. As many Haitians have left Port-au-Prince, they've taken residence in neighboring cities and villages. Croix-Des-Bouquets is just one example.

Although this community is close to Port-Au-Prince, the effects of the earthquake are not as bad there. Many of the surrounding areas were hit much, much harder, so people are coming into Croix-Des-Bouquetslooking for help.

Living Water International reports that residents formerly got their water from an open cistern that was filled occasionally by water from a diesel pump. The water started out fairly clean but gradually became more and more polluted as it sat in the cistern.

With the limited resources they had, the people in Croix-Des-Bouquets all felt very strongly that they could take care of themselves; they just weren't sure how they were going to take care of the many homeless and displaced people coming into their community.

In many ways, the process all starts with clean water. The well Living Water International repaired there is sealed and disinfected, so the water they will get from this pump is much cleaner than the water from the cistern. The people in the community should have plenty of water for themselves and for those who have come looking for help. One of the students who gathered around to watch the repair commented about how useful the new pump would be: "Water is life, even for the plants in our gardens. Nothing can live without water."

Living Water International not only provides the physical water needed to survive, but by working through the local church, they also provide spiritual water — the Living Water of Christ alone.

Pray that through this repaired well, many hearts will turn to Christ for salvation and eternal hope.

Funding is needed to do this all over Haiti. As you support LWI, you're opening doors for them to share the Gospel. Click here to contribute.


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