Water in a dry land

By January 29, 2016

Zimbabwe (MNN) — Bulawayo is Zimbabwe’s second-largest city and is home to roughly 700,000 people. But it’s also home to a rising water crisis.

(Photo courtesy of Global Aid Network via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Global Aid Network via Facebook)

With decreasing rainfall and defective dams, the area doesn’t have much promise.

“It is very difficult to find water there,” says Mark Gaither with Global Aid Network (GAiN USA). “Several other agencies–even government agencies–have tried to find water in this area, and it’s been very, very difficult. Part of what we do at GAiN is we choose the difficult areas to go. We go where others find it hard to work. We call it the ‘tough places.'”

Seeing Bulawayo as a “tough place,” GAiN USA began work there, knowing God had the power to spring water up from the dry ground.

GAiN USA staff worked with geologists to find good pockets of water that could serve as wells. But the water appeared to be dried up because months passed and nothing was found.

It was discouraging, but GAiN USA continued their prayers and hard work, sparking the interests of the locals.

“They saw our diligence, and we continued to work on this problem even as we were not finding success in terms of getting water. Our credibility with them increased so that they saw that these Christians are very serious about helping them with their problems. And then, that gave us greater opportunity to share the Gospel with them.”

GAiN staff shared the hope of Christ and how it affected them and their work.

After the months of work and prayer, “God blessed us with success, and we were able to find water! So before long, we’ll have a water source that is very rare for that area.”

Gaither estimates that up to 2,000 people will benefit from the well.

It may seem like this is the end to a happy story, but right now, there are a number of ways you can still get involved. First, you can pray that the Spirit of the Lord will be present and remembered as people drink this water. You can also give so others will be blessed with fresh, clean water as well. And finally, you can go to Africa. There are a number of GAiN USA trips coming up in Africa, including to Zimbabwe.

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