Waters drying up in Myanmar, but challenges remain

By September 2, 2015
World Mission leaders speak about The Treasure and how to use it.  (Photo courtesy World Mission via Facebook)

World Mission leaders speak about ‘The Treasure’
and how to use it.
(Photo courtesy World Mission via Facebook)

Myanmar (MNN) — It’s been a little over a month since the monsoon season and Cyclone Komen doused Myanmar. Nearly 100 lives were lost and one million were displaced as floodwaters covered 1.2 million acres of rice fields.

Now as the waters are drying up, many of the displaced are slowly returning, but going home will have it’s challenges. Fortunately, World Mission is on the ground and providing for those desperate needs.


Especially in northern areas, people are slopping back to their villages, knee-deep in mud, with their homes only sticking halfway out of the ground. According to NASA, these floods are bigger than any seen in the last several decades, and the flooding might not be over quite yet.

“There is a risk of new flooding in September in the Irrawaddy delta,” said Deputy Secretary-General of the Myanmar Red Cross Society, Dr. Aung Kyaw Htut

Currently rivers–including the Irrawaddy River which covers about 2,000 miles–are overflowing.

With the weeks of floodwater, colds and infections have started to spread, and rice fields have been submerged. “People are dying every day due to lack of food, clean water, medicine, and the basic necessities of life,” says David, a national partner of World Mission.

Several aid workers and locals have extended help, providing for basic necessities. But even in this time of need, there is religious judgment and persecution.

Religious Discrimination

Missionaries have relayed to Bos News Life that believers are being denied help from local Buddhist authorities, which are overseeing aid donations from large cities.

Missionary Naw was one of these. He shared with Bos News Life that he had gone for supplies several times, but village leaders told him they had run out.

“But then I soon found out people who came after me were walking home with large bags full of relief items. I thought I was alone until I shared this at the prayer meeting, and almost all of us had a similar experience,” Naw said.

“We also know our local leader is against us worshipping Jesus. He has been trying to give us trouble, so this does not come as a surprise to us.”

How World Mission is Helping

Discrimination of Christians in Asia has been an ongoing problem. Still, these followers of Christ are lending a willing hand to assist both believers and non-believers.

Since World Mission’s David is on the ground, he is able to distribute provisions and The Treasure audio Bibles to anyone who is in need. He’s helping Christians and Buddhists, as many are open to hearing about Jesus because of the current state they’re in.

World Mission could use all the help you can give, whether that’s praying, donating to provide families with essentials, or donating to give a Treasure to someone who is hungry for God’s Word.

Pray that there will be no more flooding this month, for families to find shelter and healing through Christ. Pray that there will be no more religious discrimination while distributing food. And, pray for open hearts and minds as non-believers listen to the Gospel.

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