What if Pentecost never happened?

By June 5, 2019
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International (MNN) — According to the Pew Research Center, one in every three people worldwide is a Christian. Roughly 13.1 percent of the world’s 2.3 billion Christians are evangelical believers, as reported here.

Would these figures be different if Pentecost never happened?  What if the Spirit moved again like He did on Pentecost Sunday?

Recall what’s written in Acts 2 about the Day of Pentecost: God’s Holy Spirit fell on the apostles, and they proclaimed His Gospel to people from every nation who were in Jerusalem that day.

This basic idea – getting Christ’s message of hope to every tribe and tongue – is the heartbeat of the Alliance for the Unreached.

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As Dave Meyers of ZimZam Global – an Alliance member – describes, “It’s a consortium of like-minded organizations and ministries for one single purpose, and that’s getting the Gospel out to those who have never heard.”  ZimZam Global believes kids are key to church growth. So, they equip and develop church planters and leaders with this perspective in mind. More about ZimZam’s approach here.

On the first Day of Pentecost, people of all nations encountered the Gospel message. Alliance members pray for another Spirit-led movement among today’s unreached people groups. Will you join them?

IDU: praying for another Pentecost

Each year on Pentecost Sunday, Alliance members – including Mission Network News – call on Christians to make the world’s two billion unreached people a priority.

“We’re rallying together, cooperating and collaborating together to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ around the world…specifically [to] those without access to the Gospel.”

Dubbed “International Day for the Unreached,” or IDU, the event is coming up this weekend. On Sunday, June 9, the Alliance will premiere a special IDU webcast on its website and Facebook page. Join the broadcast event on Facebook here.

(Graphic courtesy of International Day for the Unreached)

Through its webcast, the Alliance wants to teach believers and churches about the world’s unreached population — how many people are considered “unreached,” where they live, why they’re unreached, et cetera. Free resources like these equip believers to apply that knowledge by taking specific action.

“We are practicing that principle of one Body unifying together, moving forward for the Great Commission,” Meyers says of the Alliance and IDU. “Pray that…we would really make headway into the darkness and that we would see God penetrate the hearts and transform lives.

“We want to see that list of over two billion people without access to the Gospel diminished.”




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