What is Hezbollah?

By June 24, 2020

Lebanon (MNN) — Both an army and a political party, Hezbollah is an organization associated with Shiite Muslims that emerged from the Lebanese Civil War.

Reza from Global Catalytic Ministries says the organization started in 1985. “Basically, they had a manifesto with three points. One is to expel Americans and French from Lebanon (and any other colonialists in the country), to fight against Israel, and to become an Islamic republic.”

According to this manifesto, members of Hezbollah obey the supreme leader of Iran, and Hezbollah maintains strong ties with that country today.

Pray that many in Hezbollah would turn to Jesus Christ. (Photo courtesy of Global Catalytic Ministries on Facebook)

Reza points out, though, that Hezbollah does not reflect the majority of Shiite Muslim thought. “The ones that want to become more radical, more fundamental would join this kind of organization. We see the same in Sunni Islam, that not everyone is Al Qaeda, or Taliban, or ISIS. They don’t follow that theology.”

Hezbollah and Christianity

Hezbollah has a complicated relationship with Christianity. “We really don’t see Hezbollah persecuting Christians inside Lebanon but last year, and I think basically the last 10 years, when there were protests inside Iran, they actually called in Hezbollah to come and squash it and beat the people,” Reza explains.

Hezbollah might beat or threaten people that oppose their ideology or who support Israel, but they don’t abduct or execute Christians. “One thing people have to understand in the West is Shiite Islam isn’t very violent, and it’s never been violent,” Reza says.

“Yes, Hezbollah has done terror attacks in Germany, France, Bulgaria, Turkey, Argentina, even Saudi Arabia. But you don’t see them making videos, you don’t see them taking Christians, you don’t even see them taking Westerners.”

Members of Hezbollah have a zealous devotion to God, Reza says. Pray that many would encounter the real God, who is Jesus Christ, and use their great zeal for Him.



Header image courtesy of Global Catalytic Ministries on Facebook.

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