What’s your ‘frontier’ in God’s work?

By October 4, 2016

USA (MNN) — The question of your personal calling in life is a biggie. And for Christians, many ask more specifically, “What is God’s will for my life in relation to His plan for the world?”

(Photo courtesy of Frontiers USA)

(Photo courtesy of Frontiers USA)

Frontiers USA invites you to find your frontier with their free four-week discipleship study, Embark. Click here to download!

“It’s all about God’s greater plan for your life,” says Frontiers’ Perry LaHaie. “It shows how the Bible is really missions from Genesis to Revelation. So you get the big picture of God unfolding His plan to bless all the nations…. Really, Embark is showing us this story and it answers the key question, what is your part in God’s story to bless the nations?”

Frontiers encourages those who want to go through Embark to find a few friends or start a small group to go through the study together. Engaging God’s Word in a group can allow for deeper processing and discussion over what the Lord is revealing to you.

Embark has three main focuses through the study:

  • Week 1 – God’s Word – God’s plan to bless all peoples
  • Week 2 – God’s World – How God has blessed all peoples and what remains to finish His work
  • Week 3 & 4 – God’s Work – How you can join God to accomplish His plan for all peoples

“If you really get into the Bible, you realize He has called all of us to be a part of the Great Commission, which is bringing about this great rescue of all peoples. So He’s put this DNA within us, and sometimes we just don’t realize we are called to be a part of His plan to bring the Gospel to the nations, but it’s part of being His follower. He gives us this privilege of being involved with Him, and so it’s not about if I should be involved in the Great Commission, it’s really how I should be involved in the Great Commission.”

(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe Associates)

(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe Associates)

Now, being involved in the Great Commission doesn’t always mean ‘going’, although for many it does and God has placed that passion in their heart — maybe even you! But LaHaie says everyone is called to engage in missions in some way.

“It’s finding the right role…. It may be He’s calling me to go and plant churches, or maybe He is wanting me to welcome international students who are coming to my city.”

Embark encourages you to fuse your God-given passions and talents with His work — wherever you are. You will get the chance to really meditate on what God’s plan for the world is, what He’s already done, and how you can get involved.

“I just think it opens up a whole new world when we realize we are called to be a part of the Great Commission. We get to be involved in it, every single follower of Jesus, and when we find our role, we come into more of our inheritance of who we are in Christ and what He’s called us to.”

If you have a heart for the Muslim world, there are even opportunities to get involved with that area of missions through Frontiers!

“We are very focused at Frontiers on reaching Muslim people groups that don’t yet have any Christian workers. We call these people groups unengaged, and there’s over 1,000 of them. It seems hard to believe. Some of these groups are in the millions and they don’t have one worker,” LaHaie shares.

(Photo courtesy of Frontiers USA)

(Photo courtesy of Frontiers USA)

“We have opportunities to go to these places. Maybe go on a vision trip to see what these places are like. Or we have short mission trips where you can just kind of touch your foot in the water, see what it would be like to work in the Muslim world. And these are trips where you’d go and you’d spend time with people who are long-term in the field.”

Click here to find out about Frontiers mission trips.

Another easy way you can encourage mission work is by engaging on social media and sharing ministry updates with your friends!

“There are opportunities to pray. Especially as you connect with our social media sites, Facebook, Twitter — opportunities to pray, to learn about what God’s doing in the Muslim world, to read about stories of what God’s doing.”

Finally, LaHaie shares something practical you can do each morning to lift up mission workers before the Lord.

“Set your watch or smartphone alarm for 10:02 a.m. — [referring] to Luke 10:2. Jesus told His followers, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’ So every time you hear that alarm at 10:02 a.m., just pray, ‘Lord Jesus, send workers into the harvest field of the world. Send workers into those 1,000-plus Muslim people groups that don’t yet have one worker.’”

As you pray, you’ll know you are joining a collective body of believers who have set aside that same time to pray over God’s mission field around the world.

To download the Embark discipleship study, click here.


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