WHI preparing for the rest of Hurricane season

By September 5, 2008

USA (MNN) — Hurricane Gustav hit Louisiana just a little over three years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area around New Orleans. World Hope International is working on critical damage assessment from their Louisiana base but is also keeping a watchful eye on the rest of the storms forming in the Atlantic Ocean. Storm season is not over yet. It is said to run until November 30th.

Hurricane Hanna is headed for North Carolina where meteorologists suspect it will slow down to a Category 1 storm and continue on along the New Jersey Delaware coast by Saturday. 
Category 1's have winds of at least 75 miles per hour, and the chance of hurricane-force winds is less than ten percent, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Already devastated by Katrina, people were more ready for Gustav this time. Still, there is
extensive damage that will likely take much of 2008 to recover. World Hope is coordinating volunteers who will be on chain saws and clean up crews by September 7th. For those who are trying to make their homes and lives livable again, these crews are a tremendous light and the hands and feet of Christ.

Before Gustav hit, World Hope teams were in Iowa focusing on the flooding damage from early-summer.    

World Hope invites teams and individuals to sign up now as volunteers. Go here to learn more. 

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