While hardships abound in Myanmar, miinstry continues.

By September 4, 2003

Myanmar — Missionaries in Myanmar (Burma) overcome a myriad of oppositions and hardships as they continue to take the gospel to inhabitants of their distressed land.
“The situation in Burma is still serious,” a missionary leader travelling in rural Myanmar told Christian Aid Mission. Missionaries-and ordinary believers-have to be careful due to the government’s dealing with the democratic movement within the country. All mail is subject to censorship or confiscation.

Inflation also makes living difficult. For example, the cost of beef in one locality recently doubled.

The missionaries use the rainy season (August through October) to conduct a “rainy season Bible school,” since agricultural work during that season virtually halts. After that they plan to tour the rural churches and conduct revival meetings.

Also, because of the rain, some of the students are coming down with serious cases of the flu. “We don’t believe it is SARS,” the leader said.

“In one community a man came to challenge the missionaries, but through their fervent prayer they overcame the Satanic power and converted ten people to the Lord,” the mission leader said.

He requests prayer that his country might enjoy freedom from oppressive military rule and freedom of religion.

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