Wife of imprisoned Uyghur Christian appeals for international help

By August 7, 2009

China (MNN) — The family of a
Uyghur Christian is frustrated with the blatant injustice of his trial, China
Aid Association
reports. The Kashi
District Intermediate People's Court in Xinjiang openly used forged documents
to accuse Alimujiang Yimiti of "revealing state secrets or intelligence to
overseas organizations" and claimed it didn't have to prove the documents were
valid. The verdict in the case is still

Yimiti's wife, Guli Nuer, their
two children, and Yimiti's mother were not allowed to be present at the
trial. However, Yimiti was able to smile and
wave to them from a police vehicle, despite his handcuffed hands, outside the
gate of the courthouse. It was the first
time his family had seen him since he was arbitrarily detained at Kashi Municipal
Detention Center on January 12, 2008 – 18 months ago. 

Only Li Dunyong and Liang
Xiaojun, the two attorneys representing Alimujiang, were allowed to attend the

Alimujiang testified that he was
innocent of the charge, that the charges resulted from his evangelistic
activity, and that he will appeal a guilty verdict. He also expressed his gratitude for the
prayers and support of others. 

Yimiti's wife, Guli, also expressed appreciationl to
many Christians from all over China, including Han Chinese, who have called to
express their prayers and support. She
and Alimujiang have two sons — one who is three years old and another who is

The older son "feels repressed,
angry and terrified," sources have told China Aid, and "Guli Nuer also felt disappointed,
not expecting that such a wrongful case in which right and wrong would
otherwise be clearly distinguished could become so difficult, and that right
and wrong are so confused."

Alimujiang's mother is also
frustrated, having spent months petitioning authorities in the Kashi District
on behalf of her son. Friends say she
aged visibly during the disappointment of the recent trial. 

The international community is
monitoring the situation. China Aid's Bob Fu is
concerned about reports from some overseas organizations that the accusations
actually stem from Alimujiang's advocacy against the mistreatment of the Uyghur
nationality in Xinjiang. "Bob Fu said
that this claim is not based on facts and is irresponsible political hype," CAA

"Alimujiang's case demonstrates
that the conduct of the Kashi local government has reflected the policies of
the Wang Lequan government by persecuting the innocent, while providing
opportunities for Islamic extremists," Fu said. "Alimujiang is a
law-abiding Christian of Uyghur nationality and a peacemaker between the Han
and Uyghur Chinese citizens. Since the July 5 riot in Xinjiang, it has become
evident to the world that Xinjiang government authorities need peacemakers to
help bring healing and hope to the region. We call on the Xinjiang authorities
to recognize their wrongful actions against Alimujiang Yimiti and immediately
release him without any charges."

Contact your Chinese embassy to express your concern for Alimujiang Yimiti and Wusiman Yiming.

You can
also contact the following Chinese government offices. The Xinjiang offices are generally open 9 a.m.
– 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. local time in China.

Government Leadership Office Tel./Fax: +86-991-280-3226
Xinjiang Government Law Management Office Tel./Fax: +86-991-235-6033

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