Will diplomatic meetings help Syria?

By January 16, 2023

Syria (MNN) — Foreign ministers from Turkey, Syria, and Russia plan to meet this month, and it could happen as early as this week.

Such a meeting would mark the highest-level talks between Turkey and Syria since the Syrian war began 12 years ago. As explained here, Turkey supported Syria’s opposition for more than a decade of war, while Russia backed the Syrian government.

Abandoned buildings in Idlib, Syria.
(Photo courtesy of Ahmed akacha/Pexels)

Unfortunately, diplomacy remains largely disconnected from needs on the ground. The United Nations calls Syriaone of the most complex humanitarian and protection emergencies on the planet.” Extreme poverty haunts nearly every household, and disease runs rampant.

“It’s an ugly, ugly, and continuing-to-worsen situation, particularly with winter coming,” Samuel* with Redemptive Stories says.

Fighting has lessened on the ground. Still, it shows no signs of completely stopping. “It would be easy if two factions were fighting each other. But you’ve got Turkey in the mix, Iran, rebel holdouts, the [Kurds],” Samuel says.

Physical danger is a minor threat compared to the economic challenges Syrians face daily. “A pound of sugar is over $3.50; gas prices are continuing to rise,” Samuel says.

“The greatest war they’re facing now is the economic war. Rising prices continue to make it unbearable for people to live.”

Believers see no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. “The [only] hope is in Jesus. It feels like a slow decline into uncertainty and nothingness,” Samuel says.

And yet, hope remains. Though many Christians fled Syria during times of heightened crisis, those who remain are committed to reaching their communities for Christ.

“In the midst of this brokenness, God’s doing some amazing things. People are coming to faith and seeing true hope,” Samuel says.

Pray for strength as Syrian believers offer help and hope in Christ’s name. Use this resource from our sister ministry, Prayercast, to further guide your intercession.

“Pray against the powers that continue to negatively affect the stability of the country, the economic situation,” he adds.





Header image depicts a little boy sitting in a broken car in Idlib, Syria. (Photo courtesy of Ahmed akacha/Pexels)

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