Will you pray for Bangladeshi youth?

By April 23, 2013

Bangladesh (MNN) — Bangladesh is becoming increasingly volatile.

Tensions have been high nationally since January, with strikes and demonstrations often turning violent. The nation is shutting down for the next 36 hours as protestors argue the detainment of opposition leaders.

Seven senior officials of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) are being held on accusations of inciting violence and vandalism during demonstrations held earlier this year. BNP supporters say these charges are contrived. All businesses and shops are expected to close during the strike.

Vision Beyond Borders says their partners are asking you to pray for Bangladeshi youth. VBB recently sent a shipment of Bibles to their cohorts in Bangladesh. Instead of asking for prayer for themselves, VBB reports, their cohorts are seeking prayer for their youth outreach and orphanage.

Ask God to protect young people at the VBB-supported orphanage and those involved in youth outreach. Pray that children and youth will find peace in Jesus.

According to security analysts, parties opposed to the government have organized 18 nationwide strikes in Bangladesh from January to April 2013. Demonstrations and protests can sometimes turn violent, as was the case earlier this month when activists tried to draw the country toward radical Islam.

Some experts are also concerned the political instability will impair the nation's response to natural disasters.

"I am worried that in the event of a major disaster–as it's likely, given we are in the middle of the cyclone season, the capacity of development partners to complement the assistance…to disaster-affected people will be to some extent reduced," says United Nations official Gerson Brandao.

More than two-thirds of Bangladesh's 64 county districts are prone to natural disasters, including cyclones, floods, landslides, tornadoes, and droughts.

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