Winter threatens Afghans with cold, hunger

By October 25, 2021

Afghanistan (MNN) — Winter approaches in Afghanistan. The landlocked, mountainous country will see cold, dry weather with a likely food shortage caused by the Taliban takeover.

The snowfall season begins in October and, in the mountain regions, typically lasts until April. Since the 1990s, Afghanistan has been plagued by frequent droughts.

Additionally, the Taliban is under sanctions from the U.S. and the U.N. Some countries, including China, continue sending aid into the country, but not in amounts great enough to stave off starvation.

Reza with Global Catalytic Ministries says Afghanistan grows very little food, and imports will be hampered by blocked roads. “We are actually sending resources, financial resources, into the country. We are one of the only organizations that can do that right now in this crisis. We’re buying a lot of food for the believers and for the people who are in need all throughout the country.”

God is still moving

Times are desperate, Reza says, and they might stay that way. He points to Iran, where an Islamic revolution lead to a still-enduring oppressive government. “But look at what God did. After 40 years, Iran became the fastest growing church in the world. I believe what’s happening in Afghanistan is a Gideon moment. God is cleaning house. With the 300 that are left (so to speak) inside of Afghanistan, he’s going to start a new movement of His Holy Spirit.”

Ask God to give Afghan believers safety and boldness to proclaim the name of Jesus.

You can send food and other resources into the country through Global Catalytic Ministries. Donate here. Reza says, “People who are on the ground, who can help, can use your resources to help the people that are affected, especially the children that have lost parents. You can help so many children right now.”



Header photo courtesy of Amber Clay from Pixabay.

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