With a re-election scheduled, protesters are still in streets

By December 10, 2004

Ukraine (MNN) — Even with the signing of the new election laws and the power transfer, Ukrainians are still in the streets of Kiev waiting for the election of December 26th. HCJB World Radio‘s Development Director Jim Irwin says, “They plan to stay there through the election just in case they’re needed.”

Irwin says the protesters are actually a mission field for HCJB World Radio trained workers. One worker named Pavel and his father are reaching out to the protesters. “They took their accordions with them and were actually singing national songs, folklore songs. They would also sing Christian Ukrainian songs and that would just open the door for them to be able to share the Gospel with the throngs of people.”

While Irwin would like Christians world-wide to pray for his outreach, he’s also asking people to pray for Christian radio there. He says a local Christian group known as Emmanuel, has been awarded license to begin broadcasting Christian programs, but funding is needed. “HCJB World Radio has made a commitment to help find partners around the world who will want to have a part in that.”

The fund raising does have a deadline. They need to raise $20,000 to transmitter and other equipment needs, plus another $30,000 for other start up costs. The goal is to be on the air by February, 2005. If they’re not on the air by June, 2005 they’ll lose their license.

Irwin says nobody is doing anything to reach children and teenagers. “Their plan is reach, or target the young people or the children first and foremost and present the Gospel to them, and then to present programming to their parents that would say, this is God’s blue print for raising children.”

You can help fund this radio ministry by going to http://www.HCJB.org.

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