Women encounter Christ through healings and dreams

By August 10, 2022

India (MNN) — Persecution may be ramping up in India, but so is the work of the Holy Spirit.

A believer we’ll call Kiara says, “Many of the Christian women accepting Jesus has been [because of] the miraculous healings they received. That has made them change them completely.”

With support from Voice of the Martyrs Canada, Kiara’s group reaches women for Christ and disciples new believers.

Listen to a conversation between Kiara and Greg Musselman on VOM Canada’s “Closer to the Fire” podcast.

One young woman gained victory in a hidden battle. “She had some demonic powers in her; she went to different temples and her gods and offered prayers [but nothing worked],” Kiara says.

“Then, Jesus healed her, and she was free from all the demons. This encouraged her and made her move forward (to salvation in Christ).”

Another young lady met Jesus in a dream. “She [said], ‘I saw a man in white, and He was asking me to follow [Him].’ She attended the Sunday school just once or twice, and [now] she’s getting a vision,” Kiara says.

“She was terrified. The Sunday School teacher helped her understand what this dream meant, and then she accepted Jesus.”

Pray for strength and courage for these believers. The worst persecution comes from family members.

(Photo courtesy of mentatdgt/Pexels)

The young woman who encountered Christ in a dream placed her faith in Him at 13 years old. She “faced so much abuse within her own family; [everyone pressured her] to denounce her faith, but she did not leave Jesus,” Kiara says.

“She was not allowed to finish her education or to meet anybody. [At 16 years old,] she left her village and came to a bigger city – alone – because of the abuse that she was facing.”



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