Women of Compassion, unite!

By August 26, 2014
Women of Compassion2
Women of Compassion2

(Photo credit Florida Baptist Children’s Home/Orphan’s Heart)

USA (MNN) — Have you ever wished you could do more for a ministry than write a check? Then you need to listen to this story.

Kristen Hitchcock of Orphan’s Heart says their donors faced that same dilemma. Then, a few of them decided to do something about it. They took action and formed the Women of Compassion Giving Society.

“[They want] to help children, but they want to know what they’re doing and how they’re helping,” Hitchcock observes of U.S. Christian women in general.

Referring specifically to Women of Compassion, Hitchcock says, “It started with a couple of women who were saying, ‘You know, I want to do more. I want to know what I’m giving to, and be able to guide that.'”

Women of Compassion

Women of Compassion1

(Photo credit Florida Baptist Children’s Home/Orphan’s Heart)

The Women of Compassion Giving Society has since grown to approximately 120 members, mostly from the state of Florida. Each year, the group meets to vote on a Florida Baptist Children’s Home or Orphan’s Heart ministry project they’ll support with a $1,000 gift.

“It’s different every single year; you never know what’s going to be on the ballot that they’re voting on,” notes Hitchcock.

“It all has to do with helping children come to know Christ in some way.”

Last year, the Women of Compassion helped construct 70 homes in the Dominican Republic for impoverished single mothers and their children. They have also helped fund two orphanages in Africa: one in Tanzania, and another in Uganda.

Women of Compassion3

(Photo credit Florida Baptist Children’s Home/Orphan’s Heart)

The Women of Compassion are more than fundraisers: they are a community. Some of them are mentoring vulnerable girls rescued from the streets in Florida. Others are beginning a running and walking club in 2014.

Learn how you can team up with the Women of Compassion here.

“[There are] so many opportunities for them to go on mission trips and to stay ‘in-the-know’ of what’s going on across the world,” says Hitchcock.

Listen to the full interview here for more stories and details about Women of Compassion.

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