Women of Hope celebrates 25 years of ministry

By November 11, 2022

International (MNN) — From the streets of Iran to the United States voting booth, there’s an unseen war underway for women’s hearts and loyalty. It’s like the beginning of our human story when Satan targeted Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Messages from Women of Hope, a TransWorld Radio ministry, provide a clarion call in this global atmosphere of noise.

“We talk more about what women have in Christ than what they don’t have in the world and point their hearts and minds to that truth,” says Dr. Peggy Banks, the Women of Hope global ministry director.

“We talk about the freedom women have once they find their identity in Christ. Women are making wonderful strides in leadership, the workplace, and the family, understanding that their identity comes from Him.”

Women of Hope celebrates 25 years of ministry tomorrow, and you’re invited to the virtual party!

Find all the details you need and sign up here. The party begins at 4 pm Eastern Time.

“Initially, from the founder, we will hear how Women of Hope started the radio program, as well as Project Hannah, which was a prayer ministry,” Dr. Banks says.

“We’ll hear from our regional coordinators in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Then, I’ll speak on our vision for Women of Hope going forward.”

Spoiler alert: these plans involve the Next Generation. “We are creating materials and programs that reach the next generation of women leaders and women who are starting their lives as employees, employers, and moms,” Dr. Banks says.

“I believe in mentor leadership, so I’m putting Next Generation leaders on our teams. We’re seeing them join our teams in over 125 different countries, along with women who have been serving with Women of Hope for many years,” she continues.

“[They are] walking alongside and learning from each other, working together to reach the world for Christ.”



Header image courtesy of Women of Hope.

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