Women of the Word podcast creates enriching dialogue

By May 28, 2021

USA (MNN) — Podcasts grew in popularity during the pandemic. One-third of Americans say they now listen to at least one podcast every week.

If you fall into that category and you’re looking for something new, check out “Women of the Word” from Wycliffe USA. Co-host Beth Matheson says Season Two premiered in April.

“This has not been an easy year for most people, including ladies that we’ve talked with. We’ve gotten to talk about their love of Scripture and the ways that God is meeting them in the middle of their questions and struggles,” Matheson says.

“These women are amazing. They’re willing to invite us into places that are sometimes very tender, but [it’s] always beautiful to see the way that God has worked in deep places in them.”

The podcasts are less than an hour long and reach across demographic lines, she adds.

“It’s an invitation to spend some time together, laughing and resting in the goodness of God [and] the truth and strength of His Word.”

While generally light-hearted, conversations also touch on deep topics. Take the latest episode, for example. “Episode Four is a conversation with Jannah Welcome. She has an incredible and powerful story of God’s rescue and restoration in her life,” Matheson says.

Jannah shares about her work with Wycliffe, how she came to know Jesus, and the way that Scripture can help us heal from trauma. (Graphic, caption courtesy of Wycliffe USA)

There’s something for everyone on the “Women of the Word” podcast. Sticklers may resonate with Gretchen Saffles, who “opened up about her struggle with perfectionism and how God is using his word to bring her freedom” in Episode One, Matheson says.

Episode Two featured author and Bible teacher Kristie Anyabwile. “She talked about how being a woman of color impacts her interaction with Scripture and why she’s encouraged by the changes she sees in the Church,” Matheson says.

“[In] Episode Three, we got to talk with another friend of mine, Karen DeGraaf, a licensed clinical counselor who serves Wycliffe missionaries. She shared about her journey with an anxiety disorder and offered some practical ways Christian women, including missionaries, can find hope as they care for their mental health.”

Subscribe to the “Women of the Word” podcast here. “If you subscribe, you won’t miss an episode. We’ll be dropping an episode every two weeks through the summer,” Matheson says.

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