World Bank estimates Philippines recovery efforts in billions

By December 7, 2009

Philippines (MNN) — The Philippines needs nearly four and a half billion dollars.

Why? Estimated by the World Bank, this figure would fund the recovery and reconstruction needed in the country after tropical storm Ketsana's record-breaking floods and typhoon Parma's devastating landslides.

According to the World Bank's post-disaster assessment, $942.9 million would go toward meeting recovery needs, while the other $3.48 billion would cover reconstruction costs for the next three years.

And this new construction will hopefully be better than previous buildings and homes in the area.

"With typhoons being a regular occurrence in the Philippines, integrated disaster risk management plans that take into consideration all likely significant hazards are needed to reduce the impact of future disaster," the World Bank reported said.

AMG International has been in country since the storms hit and was one of the first agencies to respond. Their initial efforts provided 6,000 families with emergency food, 200 families with house repairs, and 250 families with reopened businesses.

However, AMG's Roger Thomas said because of the scope of the damage, they can provide little aid now.

"We were able to help with immediate needs. The long-term is something that agencies like ours are just not equipped to handle. The government has to step in as best they can, along with agencies that are designed to do that," Thomas said.

So in the meantime, AMG is helping wherever they can.

One of their childcare centers was situated in an area like a bowl, trapping flood water. Thomas said the flood waters are still there, leaving businesses, homes and other buildings under water: "This is a permanent relocation … thing."

AMG is providing the basics there. Their childcare center is back up and running in a rented building, and they are ensuring the children there are still receiving an education.

Additionally, AMG is supplying boats to families who can still live in their flooded homes because they have a second story. Thomas said the boats allow the children of the families to get to school, and parents and volunteers are helping man the boats.

By doing what they can, AMG is showing Christ's love and the hope He offers. Thomas said the response has been tremendous: "They see that we're helping children; they see that we're doing good things, so they're very open to the Gospel."

Please pray for AMG as they continue to provide assistance. Pray for the people of the Philippines whose homes are still underwater or whose livelihoods were destroyed.

Pray for the government and World Bank funding to be supplied quickly.

You can also ensure AMG can continue aid in the Philippines and other countries when disaster strikes.

"Our disaster relief fund is always there, always needing funds, because when something happens, we can't promote the need right then and get the funds; we have to depend on what we have in house. If that fund is empty, we can't do anything," Thomas said.

Click here to contribute today and be sure to specify that you are donating to the disaster relief fund.

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