World Bible Translation Center completed easy-to-read translations in languages in the midst of the Asia disaster.

By January 31, 2005

Asia (MNN) — Many groups are in Asia providing humanitarian relief for tsunami victims. But where does Bible translation fit into the work there?

World Bible Translation Center’s Gary Bishop tells us the key role they have, “Relief agency workers are just getting opportunity after opportunity to share God’s Word; well, naturally after you do that you need to leave them God’s Word. What makes that so specific is that we’ve translated the easy-to-read Scriptures in the prime languages that are affecting that region.”

What’s so special about this translation is that a large number of people in Asia have a lower educational level and many unable to read at all. But with the easy-to-read translation, the reading level is more understandable, and when put into the heart language of the people, they can grasp it much more clearly.

Bishop says it’s a work of God that the WTBC had those specific translations completed and 250-thousand copies ready to be distributed in the exact places of greatest need. He says God is working. “People are demonstrating and openness to the Gospel like never before, and they need Bibles and New Testaments to follow up with the conversations they’re having with people.”

WBTC has many indigenous partners who are they distributing the Bibles, and Bishop says, “Most people that are working in the relief efforts are saying that they will be there for months if not several years, and so this distribution is going to take place over time. Not all of it will be a one-shot distribution.”

Pray that many will respond to the hope of the Gospel.

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