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Published on 07 April, 2017

World Health Day: depression, refugees, and the Gospel

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One response to “World Health Day: depression, refugees, and the Gospel”

  1. Pat says:

    Thank you for helping the refugees — and helping us to know what to do,
    Thank God He knows all . . .

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Today's Audio:


Phone: 800-462-8436
Web site

FrontiersPO Box 60730
Phoenix, AZ

Call to action

  • Pray for the Great Commission to be accomplished in refugee communities as God moves the nations.
  • Pray for first responders to be vigilant and for God to give them strength.
  • Pray for refugees struggling with mental health, depression, and anxiety -- that they would be given the needed resources for physical help and God's peace for spiritual nourishment.
  • Ask God to stir the local churches who can have an impact on refugee communities with compassion.

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  • Want to Change the World? PRAY.