World Humanitarian Day focuses on the reality of crisis.

By August 20, 2013

Indonesia (BGR/MNN) — It seems oddly appropriate that on World Humanitarian Day (August 19), there were so many disasters that needed response.

World Humanitarian Day actually begins a month-long, first-of-its-kind project to turn words into aid. It’s a recognition of the reality that disaster lasts longer than a 24-hour news cycle.

Baptist Global Response is coming alongside many church partners all around the world, many of which are chronicled in our MNN archives. The latest crisis comes from Indonesia where serious flooding caused significant damage to Jakarta Baptist Seminary’s facilities.

Floods and landslides are common in Indonesia, which is prone to frequent bursts of heavy rain. In this case, the waters forced the school to be closed until repairs can be made and equipment replaced before classes can resume. BGR partners are planning to replace desks, cabinets, beds, and mattresses.

(Image courtesy Baptist Global Response)

(Image courtesy Baptist Global Response)

They also plan to repair the septic tank system and the interior and exterior walls. Please pray for the families affected by the flooding. Ask God to use the seminary repairs to help neighbors understand the truth about His love for them.

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