World Mission reports from Afghan refugee camp

By January 28, 2022

Pakistan (MNN) — Thousands of refugees have fled Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover. Greg Kelley with World Mission recently visited one of the camps in Pakistan. “They’re suffering here, friends, they are suffering. Thirty-five people have died just in the last two months because of starvation or exposure. It’s very cold here. It’s a higher elevation.”

But what they fled from was even worse, Kelley says: “People being killed, houses being indiscriminately blown up, people being dragged behind cars until they pass out and ultimately pass away. Family members just vanished, daughters were snatched up in the middle of the night from their home. It is all true. And we just met 100 families who shared one heart-breaking story after another.”

Kelley says the global Church has an opportunity to help these refugees. They desperately need money to buy food. Kelley says, “They said we are the first visitors to have been there in years. This camp has been established, and nobody has ever visited. They’re literally left to go beg and try to find some kind of work. That’s very difficult because they are such a minority people here in Pakistan. But they’re out of the harm’s way from the Taliban.”

“Their [escape from Afghanistan] is good on one side but it’s traumatizing on another. We heard person after person tell us how they can’t provide for their children.”

Come alongside World Mission as they provide food and supplies in Jesus’ name. The ministry works to send food, clothing, and shelter to refugees fleeing the Taliban. They also get audio Bibles into the hands of people who have never heard the story of Jesus. You can support this work here.



Header photo courtesy of World Mission. 

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