World Mission taking water, audio Bibles into Kenyan “No Man’s Zone”

By November 3, 2020

Kenya (MNN) — The vast majority of Gospel ministry in Kenya takes place in Nairobi and other western parts of the country. Venture north towards the Kenya-Somalia border and things can get dicey for followers of Christ. However, that is exactly what World Mission and their partners are doing.

World Mission’s Greg Kelley says they are reaching out to the Pokot people in northern Kenya with the Gospel. Kenya is just coming out of a major locust infestation and is still in the midst of a years-long drought. The people are struggling. What’s more, the Pokot are often in conflict with their rivals, the Turkana people, for resources like land and cattle.


(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

“They say it’s a ‘No Man’s Zone,’” Kelley says. “You go through military and police checkpoints, and they’re like, ‘Are you sure you want to go down this road?’ But we know where we’re going — places where the Gospel needs to get to. That’s why we go there. Our national partners are working in these very particularly high tension areas.

Particularly in the Pokot region, Kelley says, “There’s not a Christian. There’s not a church. There’s nothing going on there.”

In December, World Mission will launch a campaign with Jesus Film Project to share the story of Jesus in northern Kenya. World Mission will be distributing their solar-powered audio Bibles called “Treasures” and providing clean water.

“Recently, we were doing some evangelism in a village near this area and we were demonstrating our water filter. A Pokot warrior who was carrying an AK-47, when he saw the clean water that came out of this filter after seeing how dirty it was going into it, he said, ‘If your God can do this to me, I want to know Him.'”

Kelley says, “It’s those kind of encounters that we have with people because they just see the love and concern for their physical conditions, and that just opens their heart up to the Gospel. So we need to pray that God would open the hearts of the Pokot and the Turkana in these hostile areas.”


(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

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Header photo courtesy of World Mission.

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