World Vision succesfully shares hope of Christ in tsunami-affected India.

By March 28, 2007

India (MNN) — World Vision has completed its tsunami-operations in India's Andhra Pradesh state. 

More than 1400 tsunami-affected families in Andhra Pradesh have moved into their new houses.  The teams concentrated rebuilding efforts in Singarayakonda, Narsapur, and Machilipattinam.  Prior to the tsunami, nearly every one of these families lived in thatched shelters without bathrooms. 

The communities were poor and struggling to come back in a region notorious for its destructive cyclones. The new homes are sturdier and will withstand more.

On top of that, World Vision handed over 10 multipurpose shelters and five preschools along with tools required for livelihood recovery projects.  The shelters will serve the community with television sets and computers with internet facilities.

Fishing villages lost everything, so World Vision helped replace the basics so the people could work toward self-sustaining growth.  That included fishing boats, nets, ice boxes, diesel engines, auto rickshaws, and petty shops.

The team saw this effort as an opportunity to put their Christian faith into action. Pray that the seeds of the love of Christ take root.  Though they have finished the last phase of the tsunami recovery in this area, World Vision will continue to monitor projects through their development office there. 

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