Wycliffe Associates supports several volunteer opportunities

By March 3, 2022

USA (MNN) — Do you enjoy living out of an RV? What about supporting Bible translation?

These two intersect at the Wycliffe Associates International headquarters in Orlando, Florida. Over one hundred volunteers work at Wycliffe during the winter, living in an RV park just next door.

Cheryl Stauter says, “We have also 40 apartments right here. They are fully furnished. We live in the apartments, but there are quite a few that bring their rigs down and enjoy the RV park living as well.”

Wycliffe’s mission

Wycliffe Associates works with international churches and partners who translate the Bible into their native languages. The ministry doesn’t do the actual translation, but they do provide the tools. They call this process Church Owned Bible Translation.

Stauter talks about different programs volunteers might work on. “Supporting translation services, which includes English language learning for national translators support. This also supports written and oral languages, like Deaf-owned translations or “SUN” which is a symbolic representation of all the words in Scripture.”

Volunteers might also work in the kitchens, on the maintenance crew, or in marketing. Cheryl herself started volunteering in 2015, helping teach English to international partners. She and her husband heard about the program from a friend at their church.

Get involved

Want to participate in this program? Click here for more information. Stauter says, “We talk to them and find out when they’re coming and what kind of housing they need. We talk about whether they would fit into the programs that we are needing volunteers for in that specific year.”

Pray the work of Wycliffe Associates would introduce many to Jesus.



Header photo courtesy of Andrew_Poynton on Pixabay. 

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