Wycliffe Bible Translators needs your help this summer

By May 26, 2010

International (MNN) — Wycliffe Bible Translators is launching their summer campaign, and you can help in translation efforts "from first words to final printing."

The first opportunity Wycliffe is to support four translation projects throughout Africa and Southeast Asia, including the Akebu language of Togo, the Gur language of North Benin, and the Amganad language of Southeast Asia.

You can also help mother-tongue translators in Chad and Papua New Guinea as they provide Scriptures for the first time in various native tongues.

Yet another opportunity is to donate in the last stage of translation: printing. A language in Mozambique, the Bola language in Papua New Guinea, and the Matigsalug Monobo language in the Philippines have been translated, but now help is needed in printing, to get copies of the Scripture into the hands of these people.

So far, Wycliffe has not received any funds for these projects. Click here to be the first! Thanks to a matching grant, your impact will be doubled up to $199,000.

Pray for all the translators and other individuals currently working on these projects.

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