Wycliffe counts its Christmas blessings

By January 16, 2014
wycliffe counts its christmas blessings
wycliffe counts its christmas blessings

Thanks to a mega-donation, 7 remote communities
in East Asia will receive God’s Word.
(Image courtesy Wycliffe USA)

USA (MNN) — A Scripture translation ministry counts its Christmas blessings, which translates to good news for East Asia.

Wycliffe Bible Translators CEO Bob Creson says an Indiana mega-church chose one of their projects for its annual Christmas offering. So far, they’ve gathered $1,070,224.42 for Wycliffe’s work in East Asia.

“It’s unprecedented in Wycliffe’s history to get this size gift from a church,” says Creson. “More than the money, it represents the opportunity for more than seven language communities to have access; not only access, but to engage with God’s Word.”

These seven minority language communities live in one of East Asia’s secluded, mountainous areas. Arduous travel and dangerous terrain keep native peoples from visiting other villages in the region.

“These communities don’t have any Scripture translation in their mother tongue at this point,” Creson adds.

“We’re pretty excited that this is the first time these communities will get access to God’s Word, in a language and a form they can understand best.”

Along with funding this translation work, College Park Church will be sending a short-term missions team in August to meet national translators and minister to them.

“It’s quite a unique partnership. It’s something that we actually hope to replicate in Wycliffe Bible Translators.”

Ask the Lord to protect Bible translators in this dangerous region. Pray that this project will help further the Great Commission in East Asia.

“God takes His Word, and He empowers it, He sanctifies it, He multiplies it, and we’re just praying that the Holy Spirit will do that in these seven communities,” says Creson.

Will you join them? Find more ways to pray for the world’s Bibleless People Groups here.

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