Wycliffe needs volunteers for Bible translation center

By November 26, 2009

Solomon Islands (MNN) — Countless believers have come to faith without seeing a Bible first. But how can they grow in their faith if they never see one?

Many people on the Solomon Islands have heard the message of Christ and responded. "The challenge at this point is that they want to learn and want to grow in their faith, and they don't have access to Scripture in a language that speaks to them personally and speaks to their heart," says Bruce Smith, President and CEO of Wycliffe Associates. "We want to help them have access to Scripture so that the reformation can come in their own language."

Bible translation has been in progress on the Solomon Islands for over 40 years, but Smith says Wycliffe is picking up the pace. Wycliffe has a goal of having translations of the Scriptures in progress for each of the 120 languages on the Islands by the year 2025.

Plenty of people are willing to help with the translation process, but Wycliffe cannot move forward if a few other necessities are not taken care of first.

The current training center on the Solomon Islands is just a house and therefore quite limited in terms of facility. Wycliffe is building a new training school with classrooms and a dormitory to allow more trainees to go through in a shorter period of time, multiplying the resources for and effects of Bible translators there.

Now Wycliffe is looking for volunteers to help build the center.

"This particular project includes a fair amount of physical construction, and we could use everything from skilled tradesmen to people with general handyman skills," says Smith.

The work to be done in the Solomon Islands lies in more than just construction, though. The translators working there also have several administrative and technical needs to be met. This means they're looking for volunteers in several different areas.

"Teachers, technical support, computer experts, maybe accountants–all of those things are needed to support the translators themselves."

Wycliffe hopes to mobilize over 5,600 volunteers next year throughout  63 countries. Any skill you have could be well placed and utilized–if not in the Solomon Islands, in another one of these countries. Smith especially implores those who are transitioning in life and want to make an impact on the Kingdom to think about using their God-given skills to help in Wycliffe's important work of spreading the Word of God.

Contact Wycliffe to discuss the skills you have and your availability by visiting Wycliffe's website or calling 1-800-THE WORD (1-800-843-9673).

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