Wycliffe USA prayerfully approaches year-end fundraising amid financial uncertainty

By December 23, 2020
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USA (MNN) — As the country faces an uncertain financial future, one report says 40% of those surveyed plan to spend less this holiday season. These reports are particularly troubling for nonprofits that rely on end of year giving.

(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA)

Wycliffe Bible Translators USA is one such ministry. Their 2020 gift catalog has been released, featuring a new layout but the same vital, Gospel-centered projects. Melissa Stillman of Wycliffe USA says in these uncertain, difficult times, there are important reasons to partner with Wycliffe not only in spite of the pandemic but also because of it.

“Each of the feature projects represents a group of people who are experiencing the very same global situations that we are, plus any challenges that are specific to the area where they live. They’re doing it all without the comfort of God’s Word in a language and form that they can clearly understand,” she explains.

“A gift to the gift catalog really helps reach those who are waiting for those words of hope and peace we’ve used to get through these months of uncertainty.”

Featured Projects

The gift catalog features a wide variety of projects. If you’re passionate about a specific category, such as children and youth, you can give to a fund that supports all projects in that area. One project that stands out supports the Tugen women in Kenya.

“For years, the Tugen women faithfully read the Bible in a different language that was used throughout their region in Kenya, but as speakers read a portion of the newly translated Gospel of Luke in Tugen aloud, Scripture really touched the hearts of the women that were gathered together,” Stillman says.

“Hearing that message in their language brought the Word of God to life, and the women purchase more than 50 copies of the book of Luke before heading home.”

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(Photo courtesy of Devaiah Mallangada Kalaiah via Unsplash)

A gift to support this project would help provide a translation of the book of Ruth, Bible study materials for single mothers and youth, and translated hymns.

“By translating women’s discipleship materials, those who often would feel overlooked will know that God sees, knows, and loves them. Tugen women will also be able to worship in their own language, making their relationships with God personal and real. They’ll encounter the story of a Redeemer who welcomes every orphan, widow, and outcast,” Stillman says.

Another project you can support is Bible translation in Nigeria. This project was part of Wycliffe’s Giving Tuesday campaign, which exceeded the goal of $20,000 by ending at $27,000. Stillman says the ministry is very encouraged by the outpouring of gifts for this effort.

Power in Prayer

Even if you can’t afford to donate to Wycliffe, you can still help. Stillman encourages everyone to engage with these projects.

“We certainly understand that not everyone is going to be able to make a financial gift this year, [but] we hope they could use this catalog as a prayer guide. There’s a lot of great detail [and] we’ve pulled out some wonderful quotes and stories,” she says. “The foundation of our work is prayer.”

To learn more about how you can help or donate as an alternate Christmas gift, visit Wycliffe’s website here.

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