You can see the “Face of a Child” before you help them

By May 13, 2005

Moldova (MNN) — There are many programs out there that allow you to send a gift to a child overseas at Christmas. Shoe boxes filled with school supplies, hygiene items, toys, candy and most importantly, God’s Word. Many Christians put notes inside to either a boy or a girl. But, many times these notes are written without a face or even a name.

Little Samaritan Mission is changing that with a program they call, “Face of a Child.” The program targets orphaned children in Moldova. Little Samaritan’s Maria Simonca. “We photographed the children in the government orphanages, got their information, and offered the pictures to anyone who wanted to participate in this project.”

This year’s project is being called, “Daytime/Nighttime.” Simonca says, “That includes pajamas, bathroom essentials, a towel set, (and) school supplies. And, what we do is when we distribute these packages to the children we also provide a holiday meal, which is a very special occasion because it’s probably the only time during the year that they actually get to eat a piece of meat.”

All of this is done in the name of Christ, providing Little Samaritan Mission a chance to share the Gospel with these needy kids.

The unique part of this program is that you know who will be receiving your specially prepared package. “It’s a very, very special feeling for the child to know that he’s receiving this package especially for him or for her from someone in the United States.” $10 is required to help with shipping, meal expenses, Christian literature and more.

“Face of a Child” photos and instructions are available on their website you can request them by calling (828) 396-2220. The deadline for the Daytime/Nighttime packages is September 9th.

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