You can sponsor a day of SAT-7 broadcasts

By April 26, 2021

Middle East and North Africa (MNN) — SAT-7 reaches people all across the Middle East and North Africa with the hope of Jesus Christ. Rex Rogers with SAT-7 USA says, “Some people think, ‘Well, that’s kind of abstract.’ But it’s extremely important for every human being to have some sense of purpose, some sense of direction and where they’re going, whether they’re a believer or not. The Church provides that.”

Now, your church can sponsor an entire day of Christian programming for only $670. This applies to the SAT-7 Pars channel in Farsi, and the SAT-7 KIDS channel in Arabic. Read more here.


Rogers says it can often be hard to measure ministry impact, but not with this program. “We have independent surveys telling us we have 25 million people watching on a regular basis. With something like this, it is math, dollars, and cents. [That pays for] airtime and the connection with the satellites. This is literally what takes the programming into the homes of those viewers. Without this, we couldn’t reach them.”

The Church in the MENA region continues to grow as more people look for hope and find it in Jesus. Pray this trend continues. Rogers says, “The Church is trying to encourage people and to serve them. The pandemic has been a real challenge on top of everything else they have.”



(Header photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA on Facebook)