You don’t need arms to plant seeds of hope

By July 4, 2011

Slovenia (MNN) — Who could bring the message of hope to a country slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey and dominated by Muslims and Catholics? How about a man with no limbs?

Pioneers USA reported on public speaker Nick Vujicic who held events recently in five different cities across the country of Slovenia. In the city of Maribor, as many as 4,000 people came out to hear Vujicic speak in a packed sports hall. Over all five cities, Vujicic was able to reach 15,000 Slovenians.

Vujicic was born without arms or legs and grew up struggling with his condition. Doctors could provide no medical explanation. Vujicic dealt with feelings of insecurity and questioned his purpose in life. However, after getting a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, he went on to become a motivational speaker by the young age of 19, starting his Life Without Limbs ministry. He has been able to encourage other people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his personal story of how God changed his life. "I found the purpose of my existence, and also the purpose of my circumstance. There's a purpose for why you're in the fire," says Vujicic. Now he brought the message of the Gospel to the people of Slovenia.

Slovenia is notorious for being devotedly Catholic since the 8th century. An influx of Muslims in the 1970's made them the second-largest religious group in the country. Evangelical Christians are minorities in the country, and most Slavic people think of the Roman-Catholic Church when they hear the name of Jesus.

However, through Nick Vujicic's ministry, many have become curious now about this new message of Jesus Christ. Nearly half of those that attended the speaking events filled out questionnaires, and nearly 600 people said they were interested in learning more about this new message of hope in God.

Partners with Pioneers USA are conducting follow-up with those who expressed interest in learning more about a relationship with Christ. They were offered a four-week discussion program entitled "Next Steps with Nick." Nearly 60 people were contacted and invited to the program. Those people reacted positively and seemed interested, but the team has been discouraged as so far not one new person has come out to any of the follow-up sessions.

One worker stated, "We have enjoyed working through the lessons ourselves each week and hope that it will bring encouragement for the future, but the response has been a bit disappointing."

The people of Slovenia were very excited about the message of hope and are encouraged to see a man transformed by the love of Christ. But so far, the motivation to take that first step of faith is slow in coming.

Please pray for the Christians in Slovenia who are trying to reach out to the Slavic people in the wake of Nick Vujicic's speaking ministry. Also keep those who expressed interest in learning more about Christ in your prayers, that they would come to know God's love.

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