Young Christian women forced to convert to Islam

By September 8, 2015

Pakistan (MNN) — In Pakistan, thousands of women are being forced to convert to Islam each year. Many of these women are Christians and are usually forcibly converted by marriage.

(Photo Courtesy Voice of the Martyrs Canada)

(Photo courtesy Voice of the Martyrs Canada)

These marriages aren’t a mutual agreement between husband and wife. Instead, young women, usually between the ages of 12 and 25, are kidnapped or abducted.

The kidnapper, in some cases along with associates, then abuses and threatens the girl until she commits to Islam. After her conversion, she is married to the abductor or one of his accomplices.

The persecution doesn’t end after the wedding, though. These forced brides are often abused and pressured by the husband and his family to claim the conversion was voluntary. That way, if the case is ever taken to court, the family has nothing to fear from the young woman.

Because the cases don’t get anywhere in court, all too often police and other local authorities ignore these cases.

That’s why Voice of the Martyrs Canada is spreading the Word of God across the world. In situations like these, the love of Jesus Christ is the most consoling comfort they can experience.

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  • Thank God for the voice of the christian
    Martyrs, despite the persecution, I still
    believe strongly that the name of Christ
    will One day be written on every mosque
    and in every heart, both that of the christian
    women persecutors

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