Young church plant rejoices over audio Bibles

By February 16, 2017

DRC (MNN) — Over one-third of the population in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is illiterate, according to The Joshua Project. Which means for this portion of the population, their main method of gathering and sharing information is through oral methods. And for the purpose of sharing the Gospel, audio methods prove invaluable.

Which is why audio Bibles like the Treasure with World Mission are vital for sharing God’s Word in the DRC. World Mission’s Greg Kelley was just in Central DRC on a Treasure distribution to a unique people group.

(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

“Today we are in the Kiri Rainforest, the second largest rainforest in the entire world (also known as the Congo Rainforest). Within it live the Pygmy, who are the last remaining unreached people in the entire country of the Democratic Republic of [the] Congo,” says Kelley.

“We’re seeing God do amazing things. We are literally inside a church that is a recent church plant — just five months old — because of the Treasure, our solar-powered audio Bible distributed in their language. Last night we shared the Gospel with a gathering and 40 people became followers of Jesus. It was a beautiful thing, and right now, we’re giving Treasures to many of them who came to know Christ so they can begin a discipleship process and just begin to grow in the Lord.”

Even as Kelley spoke, you could hear the celebration taking place in the background with drums and singing. Kelley shares, “It’s just overwhelming looking at this, hearing the people singing, rejoicing about Jesus and what He’s done for them, all because of the solar-powered Treasure in the Lingala language.”

(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

Although they had a very successful distribution filled with rejoicing in the Lord, their work in the DRC with the Pygmy people isn’t finished.

“As is the case, unfortunately, in many places we go we just don’t have enough Treasures to distribute. The people are pushing around and they’re pressing in because they’re so desperate to have the Word of God. Today we have about 20 Treasures we’re distributing, but there’s probably more than 150 people representing families and communities. Some of them have walked several days just to be here. So we will distribute some Treasures, but we ask for your prayers to help us provide more Treasures, the Word of God in the Lingala language for these precious people.”

Each Treasure costs $50 to produce, and each gift given literally means another person, family, or community gets one more Treasure audio Bible in their heart language. Click here if you’d like to give!

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