Young Life sets its sights on a new season.

By September 14, 2004

USA (MNN) — Young Life is a ministry that’s taking the Christ to schools around the United States and around the world. 3,200 full time staff and 12,000 volunteers help with this outreach. But, they’re only as effective as their training.

Young Life’s Training Director, Cliff Anderson, says every Christian needs to have the Bible in one hand and the news paper in the other. “We’ve got to have people who understand what’s going on the culture, who are simultaneously are discouraged by what’s going on, but also know their Bible so well that they are able to relate the Gospel to kids in a very pagan kind of world.”

That’s why Young Life requires their staff to take seven classes over two years that focus on the Bible as well as adolescent culture.

While training is important, they can’t be successful without people. “We currently work with over 1-million kids in our mission and we understand that that’s just the beginning. So, in order to reach even more kids than that, we have to have more staff and more volunteers.”

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, go to their web site

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