Young singers often become successful

By August 6, 2007

United States (MNN) — The India Children's Choir of Bibles for the World is at the half-way point of this year's tour. 

"These are really trophies of God's grace–the fruit of missions, really," said Mawii Pudaite of Bibles for the World. The children are between ages 8-11 and are students from BFW's missions schools in India. Most of them live in the hills of Manipur in Northeast India. 

During the tour the children visit 27 states and stay with families from the churches where they perform. "When they meet, they are strangers but by the time they bring them back
to the bus or to the church, these host families will say ‘My child!' And
then they cry as they say goodbye.  Only God could do a thing like that–knitting the hearts of His children," said Pudaite.

In the past, children who complete the choir tour often become successful. Pudaite says, "Most of them are doing very well in their school work. Some of them have become lawyers, doctors, and principles of high schools, so they are tremendous assets to the

Mawii and Dr. Pudaite recently traveled to a church where the children were performing.  The impact of the children's ministry was evident: "One of the church leaders came to us wiping his tears and said, ‘I have never been more moved in all my life!'" 

Pudaite has a special prayer request as they continue their tour: "Let us pray for the churches where they will minister that God will open the hearts of the audience and that there will be a revival of hearts and souls and spirits–a revival of missions."

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