Your prayers needed as BFTW equips believers in Nepal

By March 1, 2013

Nepal (MNN) — Hearts are being transformed in a nation hesitant to grant freedoms to Christ-followers.

Bibles for the World has printed and distributed 500,000 copies of the Gospel of John so far and will be doubling that in the coming days.

While March marks significant development in Gospel growth throughout Nepal, it also marks another Seed Sowers Seminar. BFTW is helping conduct the conference in Kathmandu with national pastors, evangelists, and mission workers. It'll encourage national believers and teach them how to use God's Word as an evangelistic tool.

Church leaders attending the seminar will be covered in prayer and sent out with new skills and boxes of The Gospel of John to distribute in their areas of influence.

"God gives us His Word to light our way, to light our hearts so we do not stumble," says BFTW's Mawii Pudaite. "My heart aches for those who have never read the Word of God or who do not know the true and living God."


Pudaite says lives are changing in Nepal as people discover the hope of salvation in the Gospel of John.

"When a person receives Christ as Lord and Savior, he is transplanted from Satan's dominion into the Lord's own garden and is under His personal care. What a difference!" she says. "Life on this earth becomes meaningful."

Pray for changed hearts as church leaders bring God's Word to their people. 

The ministry wasn't sure if they'd be able to send a second round of John's Gospel, but as prayers went up, God's blessings came down.

"Praise God! The Lord has provided enough money to print the next 500,000 copies," Pudaite says. "However, we don't quite have enough money for the New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs."

Given freely, the entire New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs is used as follow-up ministry to souls who receive the Gospel of John. Pudaite says there's a huge request for this resource.

"The Psalms teach us how to worship and how to have communion with our living God," she explains. "And the Proverbs help us to know how to deal with people around us."

BFTW has printed 50,000 copies so far and needs at least 100,000 more to fulfill requests. It costs approximately $2.25 USD to print and distribute each New Testament; can you help? Click here.

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