Youth lead the way in Chile response

By March 17, 2010

Chile (MNN/IMB) — Chile's quake recovery efforts continue.
The village of Los Lizamas, a community about 10 miles outside of Molina, sits between two municipalities–a
jurisdictional "no man's land," leaving about 60 survivors without aid.    

However, the Southern Baptist International Mission Board
says youth from their Center for Young Missionaries (Centro Misionero Jovenel) are
leading a response.  Since the quake, these Chilean Baptist young
people have been sending teams to Los Lizamas regularly to distribute food,
water and diapers.

IMB missionary Charles Clark was part of the IMB's quake-relief
assessment team. He says, "These Chilean Baptist youth are pretty well-known and build a relationship with the people there."

The center trains missionaries-to-be in their late teens and
early 20s on living the Gospel. It's a
new missions education program that sends missionaries to other parts of Chile
and the 10/40 Window–the geographical band from North Africa to Southeast Asia
where most of the world's unreached peoples live.

Students in the program receive proactive, on-the-job
training for two years. During training, they live in a facility the students
built behind the church to use as a base for mobilizing projects. When they
complete training, participants are sent to their fields of service. They're applying their training in earnest
with the survivors of Los Lizamas.

The assessment team also pledged to support Molina Baptists'
plans to establish a feeding center to assist up to 5,000 Chilean families in
the area. Can you help?

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