Zambian Orphan Choir brings awareness of need and ministry to U-S.

By July 24, 2006

Zambia (MNN)–1 in 5 people in Zambia are HIV-positive, and, according to the United Nations, the country also has one of the world’s highest numbers of children orphaned by the disease.

Children in households already weakened by AIDS usually sought alternative means of survival on the streets, increasing the vulnerability of an already struggling generation.

That’s one more reason why the Zambian Orphan Choir returns to the US with the help of World Hope International.

This fall, fifteen children between 7 to 16 years old will tour the United States, raising awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Zambia.

Through original songs, traditional music, drama and readings, the choir describes the hardships endured as a result of HIV/AIDS. It’s also one reason World Hope is involved–to bring the hope of Christ to the desperate and help to the needy.

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