Zimbabwe’s tailspin opens the door for ministry

By February 6, 2009

Zimbabwe (MNN) — Zimbabwe is in a state of emergency, facing several crises at the same time. That's the word from Charles Debter with Global Aid Network (GAiN USA).

"Their economy has bottomed out. Inflation was last reported at more than 230-million percent. The UN is now reporting unemployment at 93-percent. Food is scarce and unavailable. Their money is worthless, and now a cholera epidemic has spread to every province."

Debter continues: "The situation is so bad that the
clinics are receiving anywhere from 30 to 60 new patients every day,
and they are overwhelmed. The beds are full, and people are on the
floor now."

Debter says GAIN USA is helping Zimbabwe through a partner, Life Ministries. "Global Aid Network has been able to provide enough cholera medication to treat 80,000 people — things like antibiotic and rehydration medications."

GAIN is also sending food and water purification filters. "Global Aid Network has already provided 550 water purification filters that removes the bacterial and viral pathogens and can provide up to 500 gallons per day for each filter."

However, another 200 filters are needed each month for the next six to eight months.

There was a moratorium on humanitarian aid for a time, but that's now been lifted. Since then, GAIN has also been able to send 20 truckload containers of food, which is more than 2.5 million meals, to orphanages, clinics and teachers. This may encourage teachers to continue teaching despite not being paid by the government.

Debter says it's all about outreach. "It's part of a larger project of sharing the love of Christ with the poor, and they're actively training in discipleship and evangelism and church planting. So they are really overwhelmed and need our prayers."

Help is desperately needed in Zimbabwe. $125 can purchase and deliver a water filter. $50 will feed 500 people. Your support will also assure those who are being helped hear the Gospel.

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