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Published on 20 May, 2005

Christian Adoption agency receives accreditation from Russia

Russia (MNN) — After months of reorganization, Russia has now handed out its accreditations, but the number is much smaller than before. However, Buckner Orphan Care International was one of just a handful of Christian organizations reaccredited.

Buckner’s Tiffany Taylor says this process was long in coming. “There had been a hold-up for this last year. This last year, they had not reaccredited any agencies. And, it’s a process that needs to be done every year. So, really, adoptions in Russia had slowed dramatically.”

The reaccredidation process didn’t go well for everyone. “Very few U-S agencies were reaccredited as a whole. Only 37 agencies total and we know that less than 20 of them were U-S based agencies and of those, only a handful are Christian agencies.”

That means only a few organizations share Christian values. Taylor says the connection to Christ is important for them. “Everything we do with orphans overseas and here in the United States has to do with letting the children know about the heavenly Father and our getting to know the Gospel.”

While Taylor is thankful for their reaccredidation, she’s asking believers to pray. “I also want to pray for those agencies and those families on the agencies that were not accredited.” If they were in the process of adopting, they’ll have to find accredited agencies to facilitate their adoptions.

Buckner says this could mean more families for their Russian program. Contact them at or click on the highlighted link above for contact information.

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