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Published on 02 March, 2009

Inner City ministry needs your help

USA (MNN) — The poor economy in the U.S. is forcing groups like Here's Life Inner City to ask for help.

With help from people like you, Here's Life was able to hand out hundreds of Homeless Care Kits to people in need.

However, with the unusually cold weather and the poor economy, more help is needed. There are even more people on the streets who have nothing. They're not looking for a handout. They just need a little help.

Here's Life Inner City is asking you to help supply even more of these Homeless Care Kits. The kits include winter clothing, a blanket, health items and more importantly, God's Word. Your gift of $33 not only provides for a homeless person's needs physically, but spiritually as well.

According to ministry leaders, in many situations God uses kindness to soften the hearts of those in need. Perhaps your $33 gift will be the tool God uses to bring someone to Himself.

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