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Published on 20 November, 2000

Story number 5 for 20 Nov 2000

And, it’s the new wave of evangelism for the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association. The group just took their festival to Rosario, Argentina for a new generation of Latin Americans, who are ready to do evangelism in a new way. LPEA’s Jim Williams. “It combines the elements of a music festival with out-and-out evangelism…in the sense that it starts at three in the afternoon and goes into the night. There’s food courts there where people can come with their families; it’s held in a park.” Williams says this new approach is more appealing to the unsaved. “It certainly is easier for the Christians to invite their non-Christian friends, because it is a festival. We try to combine popular music with folk music. Right in the middle of that, Luis will present the Gospel. Now, we’ve been working with the churches for almost 8 months on the Christians taking their non-Christian friends.” Please pray for strength and wisdom for everyone involved with the post-festival follow-up.

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